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FineInsure Benefits

More than a decade of expertise in the Insurance space has its perks. And all our know-how, experience, and technological edge are at your service 24/7/365.

Single Roof

Motor Insurance

All insurance products under a single roof

Complete Assistance

Claim and Service Assistance just a call or email away

Free Service

End-to-end responsibility for your lifetime

Right Policy for you

We help you take the right insurance decisions

Doorstep Service

Besides online or remote consultation, you can opt for doorstep consultation as well

Expert Advise

Field force of subject matter experts operating

LIC Expert

Own an LIC policy and want to know what your Accumulated Bonuses are? How about Loan Availability or its Current Surrender Value? Calculate all this and more with the OneInsure-exclusive LIC Calculator.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Help you select the right policy keeping in mind your requirements
  • Provide timely Claim Assistance and Service Assistance for all insurance policies bought from anywhere
  • Offer doorstep insurance service in addition to online and remote consultation
  • Bring to you a single platform in the form of the FineInsure policy-management, where you can store, manage, and seek assistance on all your insurance policies regardless of whether you have bought them from us or not

We have served tens of thousands of happy insurance customers, and we are not even close to being done yet!

So, pick up that phone and dial +91 75682 69388 or email us at for any and all insurance-related queries.

We understand that as a dedicated driver, homeowner, parent, child, or worker, you want, and rightly deserve, the most dependable coverage for your hard earned money, and with safe habits, should come lower insurance costs.

That’s why, at Fine Inure, we’re always looking for new ways to keep the cost of insurance affordable. To do this, we use a tool called the Risk Assessment Indicator.

Compare & Buy Insurance

Complete Claim Assistance

Remainders & Payments